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In recent years, South Africa has tried to build its version of Silicon Valley at the tip of Africa to compete in the global digital economy. But, like Silicon Valley itself and more advanced economies, South Africa has a chronic shortage of developers, the would-be architects of this digital economy. We offer an array of innovative online short courses, equipping you with the knowledge and competencies to become future-proof.

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Our online short courses are curated and designed by subject matter experts, who are specialists in their industries. Our subject matter experts design and curate content, ensuring you receive industry-relevant skills and knowledge required to tackle the digital industry.

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Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who will assist students throughout their online learning experience. First time studying online? Don’t worry! Our Online Academic Tutors will be able to assist you with your assignment submissions and tasks. Our Online Academic Tutors will assist you with any academic queries that you may have and ensure you achieve your academic success.